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Request for Euthanasia Appointment

This is only a request, we will contact you ASAP for confirmation if we are available at the time you are requesting. 

We will answer your email within 24 hours.

May we text you at the primary number?

These are only requests for days and times, not a guarantee.  No appointment has been scheduled until we confirm with you.

Exact date of birth or estimated date of birth?

We will send a report to your veterinarian(s) after our appointment.

Do you have pet insurance? Euthanasia may be covered under your policy
Has your pet bitten (and broken skin) a person in the last 15 days?

If you choose a private cremation we will email you the complimentary urn choices.

For private cremation the ashes will be available in about a week to be picked up at our office at 4005 Danbury Road in Brewster, NY.  We can arrange to mail them for an additional fee.

Thank you for submitting.

We will contact you to confirm/schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

(Within 24 hours)

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