Aftercare Arrangements

We will arrange aftercare for your pet.  We trust in a company called Final Gift.

Private Cremation - your pet will be cremated separately and the ashes will be returned in the urn of your choice.  Once your pets cremains are returned we will call you and arrange a time to meet you at our office in Brewster, NY.


Pets weighing 1-49 pounds      $235 + tax

Pets weighing 50-99 pounds    $295 + tax

Pets weighing 100+ pounds     $335 + tax

Communal Cremation - your pet will be cremated with other pets and the ashes will be spread at a location in the gardens of the crematorium.


Pets weighing less than 50 pounds     $80 + tax

Pets weighing more than 50 pounds     $160 + tax

If your pet passes at home please call and we can pick up your pet and arrange cremation.

Cost in addition to cremation:  $100